Humidity-variability has to work reliably in the long term

The durability of humidity-variable vapour check (Oceania: vapour control; North America: vapor retarder) and airtight membranes needs to be tested and confirmed – this has been stipulated by the German wood preservation standard DIN 68800-2 since 2012. This standard has been adopted by the construction inspection authorities in Germany, which means it is not just a recommendation, but instead forms part of building law and is thus legally binding. DIN 68800-2 explicitly demands verification of the ageing behaviour of vapour check membranes with humidity-variable diffusion resistance.

This verification can be provided in the form of a European Technical Assessment (ETA), for example.

Reliable protection thanks to tougher test conditions

Only vapour check membranes with constant diffusion resistances can be tested within the framework of CE marking in line with EN 13984. For this reason, the durability of the humidity-variable performance of INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS has been demonstrated in line with a procedure specified by an independent committee of experts of the German Institute of Construction Engineering (DIBt). As part of this testing, the two vapour checks were subjected to accelerated ageing with significantly more demanding conditions (increased temperature and doubled ageing period) than those specified in EN 13984. In addition, the permitted deviations of the aged diffusion resistances from the unaged diffusion resistances have been made significantly more demanding in this evaluation as compared to the European standard.

Further information on tested and confirmed resistance to ageing


Building in accordance with standards and laws

The humidity-variable INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS vapour check (vapour control/vapor retarder) from pro clima have successfully passed tests even under these more demanding test conditions. As a result, these products have the required verification of ageing stability demanded by DIN 68000-2 for vapour checks with humidity-variable diffusion resistance.

The humidity-variable INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS vapour checks, together with our DB+ product, were the first humidity-variable vapour checks to receive national technical approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).


Good for planners and installation technicians

With humidity-variable pro clima membranes, you are on the safe side! Buildings that adhere to DIN 68800-2 can be constructed using INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS without violating the generally recognised rules of construction practice. The same applies if the use of a humidity-variable vapour check membrane is demanded in a specification or is part of a quotation by a company that carries out building work. This work can only be carried out using a humidity-variable vapour check that adheres to DIN 68800-2. Designers and installation technicians benefit from legal protection against violations of standards and laws if they use INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS.

pro clima membranes with German DIBt approval

  • Europe-wide ETA from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt)
  • Planning and construction of structures in accordance with the DIN 68800-2 standard, which provides legal security
  • Roofs, walls, ceilings and floors
  • Use class 0, without chemical wood preservation
  • Reliable performance and quality

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