Hybrid timber building in Bischofsgrün, Germany

This state-of-the-art sports camp in the town of Bischofsgrün in the Fichtelgebirge mountain range in northern Bavaria was built using a hybrid timber construction approach. It was jointly planned by a number of local municipalities as a forward-looking project. Since it opened in 2022, it has been hosting group meeting and activities, and it offers facilities for many sports such as football, tennis, archery and many others. The sports camp also has conference rooms and can accommodate visitors in modern single, double and multiple-bed rooms. The project was built by the Sieveke GmbH timber construction company from Lohne, in northwestern Germany. It was completed in early 2020.

  • Year of construction: 2020
  • Location: Bischofsgrün in northern Bavaria
  • Construction contractor: Sieveke GmbH, Lohne

Impressions of the construction work

The pre-existing wires and cable ducts (in the photo on the left) had to be sealed to ensure airtightness and protection against driving rain. KAFLEX post cable grommets/gaskets are ideal for this task. They are particularly suitable for retrofitting, both interior and exterior, and protect the building structure against the ingress of moisture.

If the cable ends are still free and accessible, KAFLEX grommets/gaskets can be simply pulled over the cables and then stuck to the airtightness or windtightness layer.

ROFLEX pipe grommets/gaskets ensure reliably sealed joints at all pipe penetrations through the airtightness and windtightness layers.

The following pro clima products were used in this project: