Modern suburban home in Limerick, Ireland

Curved timber-frame passive house

This timber-frame home was a new build on a confined site in a mature, built up suburb of Limerick. The unconventional design by Studiomove Architects has the house wrapped around three sides of the site, with views centred on the east-facing courtyard. A particular feature of this project was the focus on minimal use of resources and on energy efficiency, to attain performance as close to passive house standard as possible. Solar PV panels on the roof provide carbon-neutral electricity . This modern, but understated design of this new build fits in well with the surroundings and the older neighbouring houses.

  • Year of construction: 2020
  • Airtightness & cellulose insulation: Clíoma House, Co. Sligo
  • Timber frame construction: Long Life Structures, Co. Galway
  • Standard: Uncertified passive house

The courtyard and garden are the natural focus of the new house.

An Aquapanel cement board facade was used on the rear wall and for roof elements. With the proportions and unobtrusive appearance of the street-facing entrance, the architects aimed to ensure that this new build would fit in with the more traditional houses in the area.

Floor plans

Floor plan: Ground floor

Floor plan: Roof level

How was this project implemented?

The pro clima SOLITEX WA breather membrane (weather-resistive barrier, WRB) provides reliable weather protection behind the rear-ventilated Aquapanel cement board facade.

The airtightness layer on the walls, ceilings and roof was created using INTELLO membranes and the TESCON VANA adhesive tape.

Blown-in cellulose insulation was installed behind the INTELLO vapour check membrane.

With its pore-free TEEE functional membrane, the pro clima SOLITEX FRONTA WA breather membrane (weather-resistive barrier, WRB) ensures that the building structure remains dry behind the closed facade.

At the base joints, the mounting brackets were covered and sealed using the AEROSANA VISCONN liquid sealant.

The following pro clima products were used in this project: