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INTELLO now with 50% recycled fleece

A first on the EU marketplace:

From March 2024, the fleece on pro clima INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS is made from 50% recycled material.

The best scenario in terms of environmental protection is when resources are not used at all! For this reason, pro clima is delighted to be able to launch the first humidity-variable vapour check membranes on the European market that feature a particularly high fraction of recycled material in their fleece layers: INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS.

pro clima is giving leftovers a second chance

There is always some waste involved in production processes, and this also applies to the manufacturing of our successful INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS high-performance vapour check membranes. However, the good news is that pro clima has now succeeded in integrating new technology into the production process that allows us to recycle and re-use waste off-cuts of INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS.

As a result, pro clima is currently the only producer of intelligent vapour check and airtightness membranes on the European marketplace with a recycling fraction 50% in the membrane fleece. This makes INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS even more ecologically beneficial and sustainable than before.

As good as new – only better!

High-quality off-cuts from fleece production are a valuable secondary raw material. They have the same consistent quality level as new plastic – but with one crucial difference: they are less of a burden on the environment. After all, 50% less primary raw material means less material needs to be purchased and transported to our product facilities. The recyclates are processed on site, which saves on energy and on non-renewable resources. This optimised production process also has benefits in terms of reduced waste disposal. More recycling automatically means less waste. The waste generated during production start-up and shut-down can also be re-used as valuable raw materials, just like off-cuts during normal production. Here too, less waste to be collected and disposed of means less transport fuel is consumed. The best of all is that the fleece and, as a result, the end products INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS retain the same high levels of quality and durability and have the exact same technical properties as before.

Maximal minimalism

With this new development, pro clima has reduced the use of non-renewable resources to the minimum possible. The bottom line is that the new production processes for INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS will save at least 225,000 kg of new plastics every year. In concrete terms, this means:

  • Reduced use of fossil raw materials
  • Less energy consumption due to less transportation of raw materials and waste
  • Less waste to landfill

All in all, pro clima has taken another important step along the way to making its production even more sustainable. And this development process will of course continue. Watch this space!

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