Ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able pipe grom­met in the SOLI­TEX WELDANO roof lin­ing sys­tem for roof pitches up to 50°



  • Ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able as part of the SOLI­TEX WELDANO sys­tem with a solvent weld­ing agent or hot air
  • For roof pitches between 5° and 50°
  • For seal­ing in the case of backed-up wa­ter, the flange can simply be ex­ten­ded us­ing SOLI­TEX WELDANO-S
  • Ex­tremely high tear-res­ist­ance and very stable
  • Wind­proof, rain­proof and wa­ter­tight


Ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able pipe grom­met for re­li­able in­stall­a­tion of pipe feed-throughs with­in the SOLI­TEX WELDANO roof lin­ing sys­tem. Suit­able for roof pitches between 5° and 50°. The pre­fab­ric­ated grom­met can be used to ex­ecute pipe feed-throughs in an easy, quick and per­man­ently sealed man­ner.
To en­sure a per­man­ent seal even in the case of backed-up wa­ter, a strip of SOLI­TEX WELDANO-S must be wel­ded to the res­ult­ing flange (see in­stall­a­tion in­struc­tions).
The shaped ele­ment can be wel­ded to the pro clima SOLI­TEX WELDANO roof lin­ing mem­brane in a wa­ter­tight man­ner us­ing the WELDANO TURGA sys­tem solvent weld­ing agent or hot air.

Material Polyurethane-polyester composite, middle part extendible
Attribute Value Norm
Colour blue / anthracite
Thickness 2 ±0.5 mm ; 79 ±20 mils
Pipe diameter 90 - 120 mm ; 3.5" - 4.75"
sd-value 0.6 ±0.2 m
g-value 3 ±1 MN·s/g
Vapor permeance 5.5 US perms ASTM E96
Exposure time 3 months
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 100 °C ; -40 °F to 212 °F

Be­fore ad­he­sion, SOLI­TEX WELDANO should be wiped clean with a cloth.
Bond­ing to frozen sur­faces is not pos­sible. There must be no wa­ter-re­pel­lent sub­stances (e.g. grease or sil­ic­one) on the mem­branes. Sub­sur­faces must be suf­fi­ciently dry and have suf­fi­cient load-bear­ing ca­pa­city.

It is re­com­men­ded that spot checks be per­formed to test the strength of the stuck joints.

When carrying out adhesion using hot air or a solvent welding agent, press the membranes firmly into place using a plastic roller, taking care to ensure that there is sufficient resistance pressure.
Rainproof and waterproof adhesion can only be achieved on roof lining membranes that have been installed with no folds or creases.