Humidity-variable vapour retarder and airtight membranes.
The high-performance system from pro clima for maximum reliability – even on structures with demanding engineering conditions.


Approval and composition

INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS consist of a special membrane made from polyethylene copolymer, the fleece and reinforcement are made of polypropylene.
This facilitates easy recycling.

The membranes have been tested

  • for emissions according to the AgBB evaluation scheme.
  • in accordance with the specifications of EN 13984.

They have the CE label and the BBA and NSAI certification.

Officially certified reliability, quality and suitability

  • Independently confirmed durability
  • Construction of all structures in complete accordance with standards and construction law
  • Universal application: Roofs, walls, ceilings
  • Healthy buildings: Structures without chemical wood preservation
  • Reliable performance and quality, monitored by a third-party body


INTELLO aus der Baustelle

Area of application

The va­pour re­tard­ing and air­proof­ing mem­branes IN­TELLO and IN­TELLO PLUS can be used in these struc­tures



INTELLO Verarbeitung

Application Guide

For IN­TELLO to work ef­fect­ively it needs to be cor­rectly in­stalled. Find out what you need to con­sider dur­ing the in­stall­a­tion pro­cess here



Systemprodukte INTELLO

System products

The com­pon­ents in the IN­TELLO sys­tem are op­tim­ally co­ordin­ated and provide everything you need for re­li­able air­proof­ing




Planning notes

To ex­ploit the best pos­sible po­ten­tial free­dom from struc­tur­al dam­age for IN­TELLO and IN­TELLO PLUS, please con­sider the fol­low­ing points



System INTELLO Funktionsweise - 3D

How it works

IN­TELLO and IN­TELLO PLUS work ac­cord­ing to the prin­ciple of a cli­mate-con­trolled mem­brane. See how this works here



system warrenty

System warranty

We do not leave you on your own. Read here about how ex­tens­ive the pro clima sys­tem war­ranty is in the worst-case scen­ario